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Fallas 2015 programme

Here you have the official programme of the Fallas 2015 so that you do not lose anything.

Falla Awards 2015

In this section we will publish all awards in this 2015 Fallas

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Ninot Indultat Falla 2015

The Falla Almirante Cadarso - Conde Altea manages to save from fire to its Ninot in these Fallas 2015

Alboraya Fallas involve flowers to the Virgin

Once again the commitments Alboraya fallers have not missed the traditional appointment with the Virgen de los Desamparados. Falleros and falleras…

First cream with a Falla light

More than 600 people witness the first cream with a Falla light in La Victoria. A group of photographers took place on the night of the plant a…

Prize "I + G 2015"

The Federation of Fallas with special wit and grace has awarded the "I + g 2015" the Commission master Gozalbo - Conde Altea made under the motto…

The Falla Plaza del Pilar regains in special section

The year passed was a "Scandal" and this year the "pantomime".

The Falla Plaza del Pilar achieves the first prize of the special section.


The Blanqueries Falla has not been completed by the Falla artist

The Blanqueries Falla has not been completed by the Falla artist. In the picture you can see that only planted the central figure and the ninot…

Ninot Infantil Indultat Falla 2015

The Falla Na Jordana manages to pardon its ninot and save him from the fire the next day 19. The ninot is the work of artist Joan S. Blanch

Nominated to the prize I + g 2015 Fallas

The Federació de Falles in special torquing i grace has nominated as candidates to receive the prize "I + g 2015" and that they will be visited…

Stop Mora in the Falla Jacinto Benavente - queen Doña Germana

Tomorrow, March 7 at 19:00, the Falla Jaciento Benavente - queen Doña Germana held the X stop Mora.

Do not miss it.

The Gala, Alboraya Fallera brings together all the major fallers of the municipality

Hotel Olympia hosted last Saturday, the Fallera Gala of Alboraya, event that served to make the delivery of the 'd'Or amb brillants i llorer…

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